You did not take advantage of Ladli scheme, now 20 thousand rupees will be transferred and then…

New Delhi. Many people have taken advantage of the beneficial Ladli scheme run by the government on the birth of a girl, but now fraud is being done in the name of this scheme as well. Many people have been hit in the name of Ladli scheme and they have lost their thousands and lakhs of rupees. The latest case is from Chhattisgarh and a nurse has been victimized in this, in whose house a daughter was born sometime back. You must read this news and share it to your near and dear ones so that you or someone close to you does not fall prey to this fraud.

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Greed and robbed the nurse

According to a news of, this matter has come to light from Ambikapur city of Chhattisgarh. Vandana, a staff nurse from Laxminagar in Ambikapur, has been made a victim. Vandana has now given a complaint to the police and told that she has been cheated of 50 thousand rupees. Police have started investigation by registering a case.

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Last Monday, Vandana got a call. A person asked on the phone that why have you not yet taken your money from the government under the Ladli scheme? On this Vandana asked how to get and what to do? The person told that it is a very simple process. If you use Phone Pe, then you have to give your number and UPI details. Since your money has been released by the government, then only it remains to be transferred.

After listening to that person, Vandana informed him about his phone pe. Then this thug asked for some more information, then Vandana shared that too. Now he said, ‘I am transferring 20 thousand rupees to your account, please check it.’ On this, as soon as Vandana opened the app on her phone, 50 thousand rupees were withdrawn from her account.

understand what would have happened

An OTP is required to withdraw money from your Phone Pe. If you do not tell that OTP to anyone, then money cannot be withdrawn from your account. And secondly, apart from transferring you money through PhonePe, money can be requested from you. Meaning someone can also ask you for money. If you accept his request and put the PIN in the phone pay, then your money goes to the other. Fraud can happen in these two ways only.

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If you understand this cyber incident with staff nurse Vandana, then OTP would have been asked from her, which Vandana would have shared. If only one OTP works at a time, then it can be understood that Vandana must have shared OTP 2 or more times.

what shouldn’t have been done

This whole game is based on trust. These thugs try to win their trust before defrauding any person. For example, before withdrawing big money, they transfer a small amount to your account, so that you can trust them. Once trust is built, then the process of withdrawing money from your account starts.

If any person calls you, then you should not share your bank account or wallet (PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm etc.) information with him. And no OTP or password at all. If someone talks about giving you money, then tell him that you will personally come to him and take money. Only by saying this, the fraudsters will understand that you will not fall in their trap, they will not call you again.

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