Despite being rejected 100 times, the girl did not give up, became a billionaire by this work

Let’s go that walking is only Dalil-e-Kamrani
Those who sit tired cannot reach their destination.

New Delhi. These lines written by Hafeez Banarasi are the formula of success. This sutra has been said in different ways in different languages ​​of the world, but the essence of all is the same that one should keep going to get the destination and should not give up. This is exactly the essence of the story of Melanie Perkins, the co-founder and CEO of Canva, who became a billionaire on her own. He faced more than 100 rejections in his life and only a few people have been able to reach the place he is in the business world today. Every person who wants to do something big can be inspired by his story, but he gets disappointed again and again.

What is Canva and what is its specialty

Canva is a graphic design online platform. Here you can make any design you want. When you search Canva in Google, its website comes first, whose full title is Canva. Design for everyone. Meaning design for everyone. Those who do not have the knowledge of designing, they can also make designs very easily. And this is the beauty of this platform that beautiful designs can be made even without the knowledge of designing. Now it is also used by professional designers and those people who do not even know how to write the spelling of the design.

Idea came during part time teaching

Melanie is just 34 years old. He was born in 1987 in Australia. In 2007, she was teaching part time in a university. He had to teach desktop design software to children. Melina then felt that the software was very complex and it was not easy to learn and teach it. On top of that, that software is also quite expensive. From here the idea of ​​making him a canvas came. He felt that there should be a tool in which any human being can design.

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company started like this

Melina then started a company named Fusion Books with a business partner. Fusion Books was also a design company. Melina’s business partner was Cliff Obrecht. Both business partners Cliff and Melina later became life partners. Both got married. In 2012, another person, Cameron Adams, joined them and the three together started Canva. Canva was much easier than other platforms.

Rejected 100 times

The success of every business depends on when and how much funding it gets. If someone’s idea is rejected more than 100 times, then the person in front will start doubting his idea. But this did not happen with Melina. He had complete faith in himself and his idea. It took the company three years to get its first funding. Melina Perkins herself says that it was actually due to her wrong approach that there was a problem in getting funding. The wrong approach means that the company stuck to technicalities, not doing the business the way it should be. Whenever there was talk with a potential investor, he would be told the technical solutions of Canva. And hundreds of such meetings ended in the same way. Zero.

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explained through story

Melina Perkins and her partners gradually realized that investors did not have to know technical solutions. They want to know something else. Then he changed his approach. Now he started telling the story to potential investors. Melina used to tell investors how her students were upset. They used to say that it takes an entire semester just to know where the software buttons are. Canva has been created to solve this problem and people are constantly connecting with Canva. That’s it, what was it then… Potential investors started turning into investors and the company started growing.

Why is Melina Perkins everywhere today?

In the last two-three days, Melina Perkins has definitely been mentioned in newspapers, news websites and TV channels around the world. This is because Canva recently got an investment of $ 200 million. After this investment, Canva has become the first in line startup out of all the start-ups in the world run by any woman. The value of the company is currently $ 40 billion. In rupees, more than 22 trillion.

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